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Top SEO Rank Tracking Platform for 2024: A Complete Review


Ranking high on SERPs must be a priority for your brand. Your website must be among the top results to clear their queries and provide satisfactory answers. A stringent and focused SEO strategy is the best way to achieve this.

But how effective is an SEO strategy without the relevant tools to back it up? With a tool like an SEO rank tracking platform, it is easier to track your campaigns and measure their performance to make adaptations.

Unfortunately, there is no clear winner in terms of these platforms. There are several options in the market to choose from. Stay with us as we decode the significance of an SEO rank tracking tool and list the top platforms for 2024.

SEO Rank Tracking Tools: An Overview

As the name suggests, an SEOwebsite rank tracker offers a consolidated platform to check the position of your web pages on SERPs.

The basic idea of these tools is simple – they provide an overview of the SERPs for the relevant keywords. Essentially, they help you understand where your content ranks and give you insights into whether your SEO strategies are effective.

Apart from this, these tools delve into deeper details by offering you information about the following factors:

  • Keyword search volumes
  • The featured snippet
  • Ranking history of keywords
  • The Cost-Per-Click (CPC) associated with each keyword

In-depth details into the essentials of your SEO rankings pave the way for customised strategies. You can leverage these details to understand what’s lacking and alter the SEO elements of your website for higher organic rankings.

In Focus: Top SEO Ranking Tools to Level up Your Campaigns

In the sea of options, it is difficult to ascertain the best rank tracking software in the market. We have singled out the top SEO rank tools based on their user-friendliness, features, pricing, and role in amplifying your SEO strategies.

Here is a look at some of the best tools available to boost digital marketing efforts:


SEMrush is a renowned SaaS provider that helps ease your content creation and marketing process. It offers a single platform for keyword research, cost per click and other essential metrics to drive your marketing and sales campaigns.

But SEMrush also has a dedicated feature called position tracking. This means that you can obtain insights into where your content stands compared to competitors for the exact keywords. It relies on an algorithmic data-collection process where you can track rankings, competition, featured snippets and the relevancy of specific keywords.

Core Features

  • A high degree of flexibility with the ability to organise campaigns using location, keywords and domain name
  • Seamless email alerts to keep you updated
  • Easy viewing of information with the option to export details in a PDF file
  • Different forms of reading data (graphs and numbers) to suit your preferences
  • Added functionality called ‘share of voice’ that enables you to see the overall performance of your website

SE Ranking

The biggest advantage of using SE Ranking is that it amasses results from different SERPs, namely Yahoo, Bing and Google. It is a comprehensive SEO rank tool that offers unrivalled personalisation with an option to seek geo-specific insights for your web pages.

SE Ranking boasts immeasurable SERP features, from extensive tracking options to filtering ranking data to get an insight into the competitors.

Core Features

  • Option to map search results, track paid ads and view the performance of visuals
  • Freedom to access the API and conduct data analysis
  • Ability to look at the performance of up to 20 competitors at once
  • Compatibility with all major search engines for a larger dataset
  • Provides a peek into location-based keywords and performance


Using the Ahrefs Rank Tracker, you can thoroughly assess your performance using extensive features. For one, this tool is laden with massive customisations in the form of filters. This means you can categorise your website’s performance according to thumbnails, knowledge cards, and the ‘people also ask’ section on SERPs.

The user-friendliness of Ahrefs is unrivalled, as it offers interactive visual data to measure the performance of your web pages. The segmentation system leaves little to be desired with the option to perform keyword research according to tags.

Core Features

  • Provides an option to schedule periodic rankings report through email
  • Deeper insights into your webpage’s position on SERPs
  • Interactive graphs that present data in a user-friendly manner
  • Precise tracking of competitors for more curated decisions

Monster Insights

Unlike the other names on the list, Monster Insights is available in the form of a plug-in. It is compatible with WordPress and enables you to track and observe the position of your web pages using a consolidated dashboard on the homepage.

The main highlight of Monster Insights is the auto-generated SEO ranking reports that provide a complete overview of your rankings. Based on these inputs, it becomes easier to find the top-ranking keywords and analyse the missing elements in your SEO strategy.

Core Features

  • Option to track up to 50 terms in Google search to display rankings data
  • Extensive data about click-through rates, impressions, and number of views
  • Highly focused on providing data from Google, leading to increased precision
  • Enhanced accessibility with WordPress
  • In-depth ranking position for each of the keywords you want to track


Have you ever considered relying on a single platform for all SEO-related needs?

Serpstat is the answer to your prayers, marketed as a consolidated SEO tool to track and manage SERP rankings and enable growth. It offers over 30 tools to improve your organic search engine ranking and allows high-quality additions to your existing web pages.

It is loaded with a keyword tracker that scouts the web for global, national and local keywords related to your targeted domain. Plus, it acts as a tool to weed out missing SEO elements and impart a better rank to your website.

Core Features

  • Ability to track both organic and paid rankings on search engines
  • An in-depth view of relevant keywords to power up your rankings
  • Option to set up automatic email reports for receiving updates about rank positions
  • Features an in-built feature to recognise and flag missing SEO elements
  • Presents details about search volumes and competitors


Geo-targeted campaigns can be challenging to focus on, partly due to the increased competition. But if you plan to stand out and cater to the local demographic, Nightwatch is the best rank tracker tool in the market.

The main highlight of this tool is its customisable location tracker. You can limit your search to specific regions and check for the keyword rankings and competitors within that area. Nightwatch is also loaded with keyword discovery features to help enhance your rankings on SERPs and attract more traffic to your web pages.

Core Features:

  • Over 1,00,000 data centres to ease location-based tracking
  • In-built website audit tool to recognise improvements
  • High level of compatibility with multiple search engines
  • Keyword discovery tools to identify and use high-traffic phrases


Moz has supplemented its position as one of the best SEO tools in the market. It has maintained this reputation by supplying constant updates and staying on par with the adaptations in the industry. Along with several features, Moz offers a comprehensive rank-tracking tool to help your enterprise or business.

This tool offers excellent flexibility with automated campaigns that track relevant keywords across multiple devices. Additionally, it provides a view into competitors, historical data and keyword suggestions to improve your campaigns.

Core Features

  • High accuracy in fetching SEO rankings
  • Comprehensive insights into historical data through well-curated graphs
  • Seamless tracking of competitors in the space
  • Single platform for keyword research and discovery

Summing Up

SEO strategies are commonplace in the current scenario, where every business has recognised the importance of organic traffic. But what separates an enterprise from the competition is its ability to track its campaigns and make immediate changes to gain an edge over competitors.

SEO rank tracker tools are a means to this end. They offer deep insights into your website’s rankings and brief you about high-traffic keywords related to your domain. Several rank trackers are infused with additional features, like a keyword tracking tool and audits, to provide a single platform for managing all SEO elements of your website.

So, why not try these tools and see how they work before committing to premium plans? It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with a platform’s user interface before you use it for the long term.

Monitor the platform that works best for you and unlock its full capabilities with a subscription!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SEO rank tracking?

SEO rank tracking is a way to measure the performance of your webpage on SERPs using a consolidated tool. It tells you whether your SEO strategies are working.

2. What are SEO rank tracking tools?

SEO rank tracking tools aim to provide insights into the ranking of your webpage on SERPs for specific keywords. Most rank-tracking tools also offer additional features like keyword research to provide a complete SEO experience.

3. Which is the best tool to check website ranking?

The market is laden with multiple tools to check rankings, such as:

  • Ahrefs rank tracker
  • SEMrush position tracker
  • Moz Pro
  • Nightwatch

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