Anonymous Hackers Make A Comeback By Threatening To Expose Crimes

As protests across the globe escalate after the brutal death of George Floyd, the ‘Anonymous’ hacker group made a comeback. Going by the name ‘Legion’, the hacktivist group posted a video to a Facebook group on May 28. In the video, they threatened to expose the Minneapolis Police Department brutality and violence.

The video surfaced after justice for #BlackLivesMatter and police brutality victims have enraged the world. The hacktivist group shines a light on criminal injustice and violence. This is specifically targeted towards the Minneapolis Police Department and its actions in the past decades. The video is a montage of a Guy Fawkes masked vigilante who narrates various corrupt MPD practices in an electronic voice.

So, this begs the question, who are the Anonymous?

Who are ‘Anonymous’?

Anonymous is a decentralized international group of hacktivists who target hypocrisy and corruption. The group first garnered attention after the 2008 Scientology copyrighted video of Tom Cruise leaked on YouTube.

The group scattered denial-of-service attacks on all Scientology websites as retribution. This was after the church asked for the video to be taken down. A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack occurs when multiple sources like botnets flood the bandwidth of the target system.

Soon, they started carrying out various online attacks as a method of non-violent protests. Since then the hacktivist group has embarked on attacks such as “Operation Ice ISIS”. “Operation Ice ISIS” was a successful attack where the ‘Anonymous’ managed to destroy recruitment information on the Islamic State’s social media platforms. They also started “Operation KKK” where they found and threatened to release 1000 KKK member identities.

There is no way to verify that the current ‘Anonymous’ hacktivists are the same ones that started the revolution in 2008. The hacktivist group, ‘Anonymous’ in recent times, has been inactive. They have made a groundbreaking comeback after the murder of George Floyd by now ex-officer of the Minneapolis Police department, Derek Chauvin.

What does the video say?

The ‘Anonymous’ video has made waves across the globe with their claims of exposing the ugly truths of jurisdictions across the United States. After the video made rounds on various social media platforms, the Minneapolis Police Department website was allegedly disabled and taken offline. 

Check out the full video here:


The video shows an activist wearing a typical Guy Fawkes mask and a hooded sweatshirt with an electronically manipulated voice. The narrator goes on to say that the Minneapolis Police Department has ‘a horrific track record of violence and corruption’ and stating that the George Floyd murder was ‘merely tip of the iceberg’. The video goes on to say that the group is actively working towards the ‘numerous’ MPD killings in recent years.

The ‘Anonymous’ narrator goes on to say that the only person who is left alive to tell the story is the officer who took the innocent victim’s life.  In the message, the narrator critiques the US police system and that they don’t trust them to deliver justice.

Anonymous has threatened to expose several corrupt and police injustice leads. The video ends with the narrator saying, “We are legion. Expect us.”

To sum it up

In a time where the police department is a tool for the elites use to continue their global oppression, ‘Anonymous’ leads the public by helping them rise above it. We all stand firm with the group in their march towards ending police brutality and injustice against black people. Or human beings of any race for that matter!

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